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Lu Xun: Selected Works 4 Volume Hardback English Set

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A four book set by Lu Xun which showcases selections from his short stories, poems and memories. There are also some of his more notable essays. This is updated version of the 1960 publication Selected Stories of Lu Hsun published in 2007.

Some of the works included in this set are:
Diary of a madman, Kong yiji, Medicine, tomorrow, The true story of Ah Q, Autumn Night, The Beggars but there are lots of other ones!

Volume One contains selections from his short stories, prose poems and reminiscences. Volumes Two, Three and Four contain Lu Xun's more important essays written between 1918 and 1936. These essays compose an important part of Lu Xun's works. They are a combination of poetry and political commentaries, profound in thought and trenchant in language. Written in a charming style they thoroughly reflect the social conditions of his time.

Volume One is prefaced by an article 'Lu Xun: His Life and Works'', written by the contemporary writer Feng Xuefeng. Volume Four includes a chronological table of Lu Xun's writings and translations, a chronological table of Chinese history and a note on the Romanization of Chinese names. In this new edition a number of essays have been added and the translations of some important works improved.

Each book is wrapped in cellophane as part of the set and is hardbacked with the dimensions of 22cm x 14cm. Translated by Yang Xianyi and Gladys Yang.
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